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=MG= Minecraft Server Info/Rules

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General Server, Chat, and Website/Forum Rules
NOT reading the Rules will result in a Temp or Perm Ban.

1. No griefing - Ever. This means destroying any block placed by another player. No stealing if you find a chest without protection, you are not entitled to take from it. Keep to your own belongings. (This Does not pertain to claims that you have given access trust to.)
2. You cannot claim someone else's things or builds regardless of how long they have been inactive. If you wish to build on the land of someone who has been gone for more than 2 weeks, ask a staff member to verify their absence and tear the structure down.
3. Respect all players and staff.
4. Use appropriate language, do not spam chat on Discord or within Minecraft.
5. No advertising other servers anywhere.
6. Always protect your creations or if it is an exceptionally large build, ask a staff member to Admin Claim it for you.
7. No death traps, including 3x3 holes.
8. Do not build and leave 1x1 towers ever.
9. Do not use Teleports (ex. /tpa , /warp) to kill players UNLESS stated and the party agrees to being killed.
10. If someone feels disrespected by something you say and they ask you to stop, stop.
11. Insubordination will not be tolerated. If a staff member asks you to stop doing something, you stop.
12. Do not make AFK machines. This includes any sort of macro that gives you an advantage over other players. This includes AFK XP Farming. This is bannable! For ex: An AFK fishing macro.
13. No Scripts, DDoSing or Dox'ing of any kind in our server. Any sort of threat made to any player or to the server, it will result in a permanent ban.
14. All Automated Machines must be turned off BEFORE you log off. Any left on will result in an admin forcibly turn your machine(s) off and may result in a Temp ban.
15. You are responsible for your actions accidental or on purpose (of course this is very situational).
16.You must clean up your entities on the server. Examples of Entities are: Dropped items, Mobs, Animals, etc.
17. If an Admin Situation arises and questions are asked, you answer truthfully and as soon as possible.
18. No exploiting anything. if its not suppose to happen then don't do it. (ex. glitching, glitching on the roof of the Nether, etc.)
19. If you lose an item, it is gone. We do not refund items lost because of bugs, glitches, crashes, ClearLag, restarts, death, or other silly reasons.

You must abide by these rules no matter your rank within MG.


PVP-Specific Rules
1. Both Parties MUST agree to in order to PVP. However, Staff are not responsible for any "foul play" unless PVP hacks are involved.
2. If a specific PVP world is available, you automatically agree to PVP by joining that world


Important Notes:

- We reserve the right to revoke a rank if we feel it is proper punishment, so donators should keep this in mind when faced with decisions.
- If you see anyone doing something they shouldn't and there are no staff members around to resolve the situation, please make a player report on our forums.
- We reserve the right to remove anyone for any reason or no reason at all.

*These rules are subject to change without any notice.
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